o Display/PPC Advertising
o Email campaigns
o Mobile Advertising
o Remarketing/Retargeting
o Search Advertising
o Online PR

Jobwise. FMIS makes advertising campaigns more efficient and effective through analytical insight, re-targeting and innovation
FMIS works with its clients to determine a plan of action that will help maximize their ROI by driving efficiencies and scaling advertising campaigns to increase revenue through: strategic bid management; advanced geographic and device targeting; campaign structures that allow for flexible budgeting; and focused consumer strategies aligning keyword, ad copy and landing page optimization.
Using focused keyword strategies to build cost-effective advertising campaigns, FMIS helps brands across both B2B and B2C markets, leverage the power on the most popular search engines, social channels and display networks. We tailor our proven formula to client’s unique business requirements to build optimized campaigns and drive profitable returns.
Generally. 70 to 80% of online adults preferring email for commercial purposes and average of 20 to 45 million people checking email on mobile devices. In Nigeria, email is more relevant now than ever. FMIS helps businesses generate more leads and sales through email campaigns.

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