Digital Strategy Services

o Advertising Campaigns
o Consumer Research Insights
o Content Strategy
o Channel Planning
o Digital Engagement Planning
o Digital Audit (Monitoring and Tracking)
o Data Strategy
o Focus Group and Survey Analysis

A brand’s online presence doesn’t stand on its own; hence its digital ecosystem should be strategic.
Tactically. FMIS develops actionable, achievable plans for companies wanting to excel online. We craft digital strategies that are in line with your business goals, and customer’s need. FMIS’s expertise in digital strategy includes consumer insights, digital audit and advertising campaigns.
Exceptionally. The digital dominion is expanding daily and that’s no different in the Nigerian market. The turmoil produced by the countless number of digital options available to companies is irresistible. Everything seems to be important – from mobile websites, web applications, search optimization, website development, content strategy, social media, and so much more.
At FMIS, we believe that a Digital Strategy is essential for today’s businesses and that it is a vehicle for propelling your business forward. We utilize all of the latest techniques to ensure that you are in control of your reputation and your constituencies are getting your message in your voice with your tone.
Technology changes at a swift pace, and we’re happy to be a steady pace train. We’re here to guide and educate businesses every step of the way. By looking at your goals and budget, we’ll create a strategy to reach your users across all digital media. That’s our promise.

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