o Mobile Advertising
o Location-based marketing (LBM)
o Mobile Messaging (SMS & MMS)

Statistically. It has been predicted that growth in mobile subscriptions in Nigeria between year 2015 and 2020 to be over 20 to 60%. Also, over 10 to 15 million social media accounts are accessed through mobile phones. FMIS helps brands and products reach the growing mobile audience in creative and cost effective ways. This includes mobile advertising, location-based marketing (LBM), and mobile messaging (SMS & MMS).
Furthermore. There has been about 20 to 30 % increase on web pages viewed on tablets and 2 to 5% reduction on share of web page view on computers – 2015. How the Web is currently accessed in Nigeria is also an indicator of mobile growth; with about 70 to 80 % growth of web users accessing on Mobile Phones compared to 20 to 40% computers views –2015.

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