Foxxymobile to build reputable school brand, and raise productivity at Royal Orchard College


Foxxymobile School Management Software company has already position themselves as top company to reach out to, for a connected digital age community in Enugu. They believe that together your institution can grow past the bulky papers and manual processes.
Your school can partner with Foxxymobile School Management software developers and GO DIGITAL . This will
Let your School set the pace and stay ahead on Online Presence and Marketing Communications, Data and Records ,Online Admissions , Fees, Payments and Finances , Online Examinations , Online Results and Reports ,Online Class Management .


Schools and Administrators

Online presence and seamless marketing – increased publicity and wider reach.
Better, easier and more efficient management of data, people and processes.
Convenient and timely access to all data, records and reports.
Better insights. Data-driven decisions.
Reduced workload. Increased job convenience.
Reduced overhead cost. Improved accountability.
Increased overall productivity and standard.
More involved and satisfied parents.


Helps you become the 21st century, tech-age educator you should be.
Stay organized, achieve more with less workload.
Results computation in clicks – no longer days and nights of pressing calculators endlessly. Generate annual results in just a push of buttons.
Better and easier class management – data, records, assessments, grading, reporting.
Work and communicate better and timely with your students’ parents/guardians.
Increased productivity, job convenience and motivation.


Get involved right from the office, home or anywhere. Be in touch with the school even amidst your busy daily schedules.
Make fees payments by yourself conveniently from anywhere.
Easier and first-hand access to children/wards’ paid and payable fees info, results and performance reports, attendance reports, timetables and schedule of activities, assignments/home works, lesson notes and learning resources.


Better and digitized learning approach.
With all-time access to learning resources, learn and study at your own pace, even ahead of the class.
Stay connected and collaborate better with co-learners.
Focus on learning as your guardian/parents directly take care of other things. You’re no longer left alone.
Improved digital literacy and techy skills.

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