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Customs Licensed Clearing And Forwarding Agent In Lagos Nigeria – Adverts

 MUNASOMSOP IYAMAH AND COMPANY LIMITED is a fully licensed and accredited Nigerian Customs brokerage agent with the expertise and ability to clear shipments through Nigerian Customs and Border Protection in all major international airport and seaports within the Nigeria.

We specifically provide comprehensive customs clearance services for hasile free import and export of consignments by sea, air and land in Lagos State Nigeria.

We also offer customs brokerage and clearance services for importers of all types of items from across the globe. We can clear your goods on a moments notice anywhere within Nigerian Region. via remote location filing.  


  •  Import and Export
  •  Completion of appraisement and examination procedure and payments.
  •  Liaison with regulating agents, goverment agencies and council to deal with all types of cargo.
  •  Guidance and Consultancy services for pre and post shippment services.
  •  Customs Clearance

We Swing into action to clear the cargo the moment it arrives, saving our customers time and money.

We proffer solutions to the challenges associated with freight forwarding; clearing; import business relating to both local and international laws and terms.

We take you a step further, we keep you closer.

Come, let us take you along.

Contact us today to take care of all your importing needs. For Your Bookings Call Admin Francis on 08086510264, Whatsapp 07088373560 Email: Visit us Today :- Address : National Complex Tin Can Island,  

We’ve got all ports covered

No matter where your shipments lands, has you covered in all Nigerian ports with our remote location filing services. No matter where your goods lands, we can handle every aspect of your shipment, and have them delivered on time to final destination. See how we can expedite your imports today!


Fast Customs Clearance!

“FOXXYMOBILE INVESTMENT SERVICES LIMITED provides fast and easy customs clearance of almost any imported goods to Nigeria soil. Our simple program allows us to take charge of your shipments, pay duty fee’s and clear them in one seamless transaction. And we can clear goods through Nigerian Customs from any port in Nigeria. Whether you need customs clearance at the port, or door to door freight and clearance, we offer a total logistics package for all your imports to Nigeria.

Our clearance process is handled with great efficiency by a professional staff of expert licensed customs brokers. Your imports to Nigeria are in good hands.

So get with the program today, and see how we can take the worry out of clearing your imports. It is easier and faster than you think!

Shipping & Import Quotes


Getting an import quote on customs clearance and international shipping has never been easier. Our importing quotes include air freight, ocean freight, customs clearance, and more. Fill out the form below to get started on importing or Clearing your goods into Nigeria. We make the process simple and almost seamless.

Fill Import Quote Form

Docs you will need


Upon submission of your quote form the process has begun to import or clearing of your goods! Get a head start by  filling out the following mandatory documents to clear your freight.

Step 1. Fill out the import quote form as thoroughly as possible with your import details. Include your personal information and all important details about the shipment . Submit, then Check Your email for a Foxxymobile Investment Services Limited ticket#

Step 2. An assigned agent will review your quote and revert shortly with pricing and import documentation information.

Step 3. Submit required documentation and payment. Foxxymobile Investment Services Limited will take care of the rest of importing process on your behalf.


-1.Fill out the Quote Form

-2.Check Email for CD ticket #

-3. Foxxymobile Investment Services Limited agents will get back to you shortly with info.

Customs Brokerage Services
1.Arranging processing of all Import documents, namely; Form M, Insurance Certificate, Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR) etc
2.Collection of documents from the Airlines, Airline agent or ships agent and payments of necessary handling charges and documentation fees on behalf of the company.
3.Preparation of Customs Bill of Entry, payment schedule and other related documents.
4.Payment of Customs Duty and related charges to the Government designated Bank based on the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR )
5.Processing of Customs Bill of Entry, etc through the Nigeria Customs Services Processing Unit. CPC
6.Positioning of shipment for Physical Examination and release by the Nigerian Customs Services.
7.Processing of documents through Ship Agents or Airlines Agents and obtaining Authorization to load cargos after payment of handling, rental and storage charges.
8.Arranging to load shipments on truck or transfer to bonded areas, whichever is applicable.
9.Delivery of shipment to Companys premises, Warehouse or any other designated delivery point.
10.Arrangement for offloading shipment at any point of delivery.
11.Providing the Company with all documentation confirming payment of Customs Duty, where applicable and release of shipment by Government Authorized Agencies along with copies of delivery waybill.
12.Liaising with all Government agencies and keeping the Company advised on all current regulations regarding Imports into and Exports out of Nigeria to ensure compliance.
13.In the event of Cargo received discrepancies or short landed, applying and obtaining all relevant documentation for processing a claim through the insurance Company.
14.In the event of any refunds becoming due to the company, to make the necessary application and follow-up to a fruitful conclusion.

Procedure for Pre-Shipment Inspection:
If inspection is carried out under MUNASOMSOP IYAMAH AND COMPANY LIMITED Form M, it is mandatory for us to arrange duty payment, collection of original RAR, Customs clearance. DCNL/Shipper arranges Pre-shipment Inspection at Origin point based on Form M details. Duration is 3-7 days.
CNEE/DCNL Processes Import Documents, namely form M, Insurance Certificate. PAR (Pre-Arrival Assessment Report)
Inspection Agent either approves or disapproves the inspection as the case may be.

Discrepancy Report is issued and necessary amendment is made immediately.
Inspection Agent sends data to Liaison Office in Nigeria for issuance of Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAR) based on attested Invoice/Inspection Report. Duration 3-7days

Liaison Office Prints & Dispatches original RAR to designated Bank stated on Form M.Duration 3 working days.

CNEE/DCNL Request for copy PAR from designated Bank & arrange payments of Customs Duty and related Charges to FG. Duration is 3-4 working days.
DCNL/CNEE arranges collection of original RAR upon payment of Customs Duty with evidence of duty receipts from the designated Bank. Duration is 2days.
CNEE Forward original PAR & Duty Receipts to DCNL along with other shipping documents for preparation of Customs Bill of Entry/Lodging at CPC (Customs Processing Centre)

We commence 1st Stage clearing process i.e Customs Processing Centre Processes.

1.Duly processed Form M with Inspection Agent reference Number
2.Insurance Certificate
3.Proforma Invoice

The following document should be received ahead of time to facilitate the smooth clearance of this shipment before the arrivals of the shipment.
       1. Original Copy of the RAR
       2. Original attested invoice
       3. Original Bill of Lading/Airway bill
       4. Commercial Invoice
       5. Packing List
       6. Copy of Form M
       7. Copy of Insurance Certificate
       8. Original Duty Receipts.


Because we do all the work for you was created with the novice importer in mind. We are experts in the import shipping process who make importing easier for everyone through our easy to use technology and great customer service. We make sure you have all the tools and resources to export your goods, and then take over when the freight has reached it’s destination. We let you focus on marketing and selling your items, and we take care of the rest.

Its just easy

If you have a shipment ready to go with all the proper info and documentation, just hit “Submit button”clear my freight” and you are well on your way to being “Cleared and Delivered”. Its so easy you

Our customer service is superior is on call or Whatsapp to answer any questions you have regarding importing. We are serious about our business and give people all the information they need to get their goods cleared and delivered. From personal phone and whatsapp consultations to prompt responses to form submissions, we work to make your importing experience easier.


We are a licensed customs broker and freight forwarder

 MUNASOMSOP IYAMAH AND COMPANY LIMITED,  and other linked Customs brokers are licensed to act as agents for commercial companies importing goods to Nigeria.

Customs brokers provide release instructions to Nigerian Customs as well as other government departments to permit the flow of imported goods. Customs brokers classify the goods according to the current Nigerian Tariff to apply duties and taxes owing to Nigerian Customs. With the constantly changing rules and regulations, employing a customs broker makes good business sense. And we can also deliver your freight!

We are easy to find on the internet

How easy was it to find us?

We provide you with all the tools you need

From our “forms” section with important documents, to our novice center with links to importing information. We are busy compiling all the tools and resources shippers and importers need. If we dont have something, call  or Whatsapp us  and we will add it.


(All shipments to or from the Customer, which term shall include the exporter, importer, sender, consignor,consignee, transferor or transferee of the shipments, will be handled by the forwarder and / or custom broker handling this shipment.

  1. Service by Third Parties. Unless the Company carries, shores or otherwise physically handles the shipment, and loss, damage, expense or delay occurs during such activity, the Company assumes no liability as a carrier and is not to be held responsible for any loss, damage, expense or delay to the goods to be forwarded or imported except as provided in paragraph 8 and subject to the limitations of paragraph 9 below, but undertakes only to use reasonable care in the selection of carriers, truckmen, lightermen,forwarders, customs brokers, agents, warehousemen and others to whom it may entrust the goods for transportation, cartage, handling and /or delivery and /or storage or otherwise. When the Company carriers, stores or otherwise physically handles the shipment, it does so subject to the limitations of paragraph 8 below, unless a separate bill of lading, air waybill, or other contract of carriage is issued by the Company, in which event the terms thereof shall govern.
  2. Liability Limitations of Third Parties. The Company is authorized to select and engage carriers, truckmen, lightermen, forwarders, customs brokers, agents warehousemen and others, as required, to transport shipment, deal with and deliver the goods, all of whom shall be considered the agents of the Customer, and the goods may be entrusted to such agencies subject to all conditions as to limitations of liability for loss, damage, expense or delay and to all rules, regulations, requirements and conditions, whether printed, written or stamped, appearing in bills of lading, receipts or tariffs issued by such carriers, truckmen, lightermen, forwarders, customs brokers, agents, warehousemen, and others. The company shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss, damage, expense or delay to the goods for any reason whatsoever when said goods are in the custody, possession or control of third parties selected by the Company to forward, enter, clear, transport, or render other services with respect to such goods.
  3. Choosing Routes or Agents. Unless express instructions in writing are received from the Customer, the Company has complete freedom in choosing the means, route and procedure to be followed in the handling, transportation and delivery of the goods. Advice by the Company to the Customer that a particular person or firm has been selected to render services with respect to the goods shall not be construed to mean that the Company warrants or represents that such person or firm will render such service.
  4. Quotations Not Binding. Quotations as to fees, rates of duty, freight charges, insurance premiums or other charges given by Company to the Customer are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice and shall not under any circumstances be binding upon the Company unless the company in writing specifically undertakes the handling or transportation of the shipment at a specific rate.
  5. Duty to Furnish Information. (a) On an import at a reasonable time prior to entering of the goods for Nigerian Customs, the Customer shall furnish to the Company invoices in proper form and other documents necessary or useful in the preparation of the Nigerian. Customs entry and, also, such further information as may be sufficient to establish, inter alia, the dutiable value, the classification, the country of origin, the genuineness of the merchandise and any mark or symbol associated with it, the Customer’s right to import and/or distribute the merchandise, and the merchandise’s admissibility, pursuant to Nigerian. law or regulation. If the Customer fails in a timely manner to furnish such information or documents, in whole or in part, as may be required to complete Nigerian. Customs entry or comply with Nigerian. laws or regulations, or if the information or documents furnished are inaccurate or incomplete, the Company shall be obligated only to use its best judgment in connection with the shipment and in no instance shall be charged with knowledge by the Customer of the true circumstances to which such inaccurate, incomplete, or omitted information or document pertains. Where a bond is required by Nigerian Customs to be given for the production of any document or the performance of any act, the Customer shall be deemed bound by the terms of the bond notwithstanding the fact that the bond has been executed by the Company as principal, it being understood that the Company entered into such undertaking at the instance and on behalf of the Customer, and the Customer shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless for the consequences of any breach of the terms.

Nigeria Custom Clearance Procedure: How To Clear Goods At Ports


Are you planning to import goods into Nigeria, but need to clear your goods from the airports or seaports without any form of assistance from a freight forwarding or customs clearing agent?

This article will guide you through the customs clearance procedure in Nigeria with minimal stress.

Cargo Advice:

Once an airway bill is generated and received, the first thing to be done is to go to the airline’s office for CARGO ADVICE. Once this advice is received, payment is made either to the bank or at the office for the release of documents.

Customs Clearance Documentation & Duty Payment:

Once the documents are released, the next step is to proceed to the DTI CAFE to capture the said airway bill in the customs data bank. This is when we say in our local parlance that you are RUNNING your ENTRY. A customs ASSESSMENT is first generated. The amount to be generated is based on the weight of any said consignment.

For example:

  • 0-500kg could pay a total duty of N70, 000 naira.
  • 501kg-1000kg may pay N150, 000 to N175, 000 and so on.

For PAAR jobs, duty is generated based on the value of goods as stated in the FORM M and Commercial Invoice.

Release of Goods from Nigeria Customs:

Once the customs duty is paid, you will proceed to the sheds to effect release of goods from any assigned customs releasing officer. Release of goods is done in various units. These units include:

  • customs investigating unit CIU,
  • TALLY,
  • PM provost marshal.
  • Police
  • DMI
  • SON
  • SSS, etc.

These units are all involved in the physical examination of goods here. On every airway bill, the DC SHED is responsible for the final releasing of jobs. His stamp on every entry shows that your goods has gone through the rigors of releasing and is ready to take delivery.

Customs Clearance Charges:

While delivery process is going on with the Nigeria Customs Service, you must have initiated the process of paying rent to the cargo handling company (i.e. NAHCO or SAHCOL).

The cost of handling is done at N52 naira per kilogram of shipment including VAT. Once handling and GATE PASS is obtained from the handling company, you are free to take delivery. Remember that Customs Duty and Handling go side by side.

From the DC SHED’s office after his final stamp, one now proceeds to make photocopies of his ENTRY which amount to a total of 11 copies for the 11 different units at the sheds. These copies are handed over to them for record purposes at easy passage of consignments from the various gates. Despite these official processes and payments, you still need to settle all these units before delivery is made.

Clearing of Contraband Goods:

For general goods that come as CB (contraband), payments are made at the Customs command per bag. These contrabands have different values for payment ranging from #2,000 per bag to as high as N30,000 per bag. The types of goods that fall into this category include:





Rugs, etc.


I hope you have learned how to clear your goods. If you have further questions, ask in the comments below.

If you need an experienced freight forwarder or customs agent to clear your goods for you, talk to us.

Further Information: Whatsapp 07088373560

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