At Foxxymobile Investment Services Limited ( ,we offer Satisfactory services on IT,Sales Consultation, Online and Private Home Tutoring & Training, Academic Essay Writing and Digital Marketing  .

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It’s easy for us to say that is the best academic essay-writing and online tutor service on the Web. Well, for one thing, we are! But how, exactly? We’ve made up the following list to give you a quick overall view of how we compare with the scam-a-minute outfits:

The business of providing online essay writing and tutor services is a tough and treacherous one. And that goes for both customers and writers. The writers for those other outfits are paid very low rates, as little as N1000 per single-spaced page. And if the writer makes a mistake, they have to work off the “penalty” by writing for free.

And since it is easy to start a new website business, most of the writing services out there just hire the cheapest writers they can, attract as many customers as they can with the cheapest rates, and then pass the worst sort of “Engrish” junk to the customer. By the time that deeply unfortunate
person realizes what has happened, the company has either decamped entirely and sprouted somewhere else like a weed, or simply refuses to refund anything.

They might even threaten to tell your school or organization about your attempt to purchase a paper from them — which is a good reason to make sure they never know where you are enrolled or working. Actually, for some of these outfits, it is dangerous to even tell them your real name.

By contrast, our writers here at are all experienced enough to know that re-writing is integral to professional academic essay-writing.

That’s why it is so important to give them as much time as you can by ordering as early as you can.

Of course, we can write any paper in surprisingly little amount of time — overnight work is routine around here — but the lack of time necessarily means less time for re-reading and editing.

It’s not that typos will get through — typos are the easiest things to spot. It’s just that some subtleties of the topic will not be explored in depth. Associations that can only become clear with enough time go unmentioned and unnoticed — not only by the writer, but by the instructor too.

By that we mean that here at, we not only educate our customers, we educate their instructors too.

And that’s what makes us the best on the Web.

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FIRST-CLASS ESSAYS and Private Online & Home Tutoring FROM PROFESSIONALS essay writing and online tutoring service is the highest rated among customers. We also offer great quality on urgent writing projects. For many students, essay and assignment writing can be one of the most daunting tasks of education. Not everybody has time to spend on researching, writing, editing, and formatting the paper.

100% ORIGINAL ESSAYS offers quality papers on any topic, written from scratch. You will be assured that every essay is double checked for plagiarism, and contains thorough research and original ideas. We do not only check the originality of the work, but also put the paper through several grammatical checks, indeed the same ones used by colleges and universities.


Our native writers at are qualified to write great essays on any topic. Most of them have written hundreds of essays before, and know the general guidelines of academic writing, so you do not have to spend time with explaining them what you want. We can even match your writing style if you require it.

Also, as an Independent sales consultation Service Company in Real Estate, Media & Advertising, education and IT Sector, we provide analysis and training to help a business improve its sales.We invest your money in the right sector of the Nigerian economy where you will receive a good return on your Investment.

“Through digital marketing we connect a genuine entrepreneurs, start-up, Individuals and Professionals, Public/Private Institutions, Small to Medium Business, cooperatives/ groups , established Limited and Liability company ,SMEs, and other real estate enterprises products  to willing investors. We build trust on selling and buying genuine products such as electronics,housing types and lands etc in Lagos State Nigeria, through a reliable source(Managing Director) to other people.We also build Web Sites for interested clients″.

These task will be achieved through interacting with both parties and carrying out personal investigation  and research on the property or products before the willing investor buys the product.


  • We also do follow-up work with clients, to make sure that they remain satisfied and will come back for repeat purchases.
  • Our professional task is to make sure that the average Nigerians and Foreign Investors have swift access to reliable information about real estate & other SMEs products at any time and any place they want it.People want brands they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalized and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and preferences.
  • That’s why we are here to offer these services.


  • Our Unique Selling Point…
  • Actions: Execution built on experience  and  ability
  • Budget: Always offering competitive cost for digital Marketing
  • Growth: Key driver  in marketing metrics
  • Research: The basis of Project Execution


Digital Strategy Services

Digital Strategy Services

o Advertising Campaigns
o Consumer Research Insights
o Content Strategy
o Channel Planning
o Digital Engagement Planning
o Digital Audit (Monitoring and Tracking)
o Data Strategy
o Focus Group and Survey Analysis

A brand’s online presence doesn’t stand on its own; hence its digital ecosystem should be strategic.
Tactically. develops actionable, achievable plans for companies wanting to excel online. We craft digital strategies that are in line with your business goals, and customer’s need. FMIS’s expertise in digital strategy includes consumer insights, digital audit and advertising campaigns.
Exceptionally. The digital dominion is expanding daily and that’s no different in the Nigerian market. The turmoil produced by the countless number of digital options available to companies is irresistible. Everything seems to be important – from mobile websites, web applications, search optimization, website development, content strategy, social media, and so much more.
At FMIS, we believe that a Digital Strategy is essential for today’s businesses and that it is a vehicle for propelling your business forward. We utilize all of the latest techniques to ensure that you are in control of your reputation and your constituencies are getting your message in your voice with your tone.
Technology changes at a swift pace, and we’re happy to be a steady pace train. We’re here to guide and educate businesses every step of the way. By looking at your goals and budget, we’ll create a strategy to reach your users across all digital media. That’s our promise.

Design and Branding Services

Design and Branding Services

o Brand identity and Graphic design
o Brand Activation
o Brand Experience
o Creative communications
o Digital Branding & Design
o Rich media development

Indisputably. The digital world has updated the way we network with brands. FMIS innovative designs are personalized to the client’s specific needs, in a way that is appropriate, measured, reasonably fashioned, and robust.
FMIS design and branding services includes research and knowledge generation, business identity, iterative exploration, graphic direction, collaborative designs, communication materials and media production, advertising and marketing tools. We promise to deliver on huge ideas; smart innovative ideas that work to solve genuine business challenges and serviceable/graphic systems that lend consistency and align well with picture-perfect attention to detail on every stage of execution.
We ego ourselves on producing the best digital – design and branding – expression of your brand conceivable.

Advertising ServicesAdvertising Services

o Display/PPC Advertising
o Email campaigns
o Mobile Advertising
o Remarketing/Retargeting
o Search Advertising
o Online PR

Jobwise. FMIS makes advertising campaigns more efficient and effective through analytical insight, re-targeting and innovation
FMIS works with its clients to determine a plan of action that will help maximize their ROI by driving efficiencies and scaling advertising campaigns to increase revenue through: strategic bid management; advanced geographic and device targeting; campaign structures that allow for flexible budgeting; and focused consumer strategies aligning keyword, ad copy and landing page optimization.
Using focused keyword strategies to build cost-effective advertising campaigns, FMIS helps brands across both B2B and B2C markets, leverage the power on the most popular search engines, social channels and display networks. We tailor our proven formula to client’s unique business requirements to build optimized campaigns and drive profitable returns.
Generally. 70 to 80% of online adults preferring email for commercial purposes and average of 20 to 45 million people checking email on mobile devices. In Nigeria, email is more relevant now than ever. FMIS helps businesses generate more leads and sales through email campaigns.

Search ServicesSearch Services

o Content Strategy & Link Building
o Social Media Marketing and Engagement
o Social Copywriting
o Search Engine Optimization
o Keyword Research and Analysis
o Paid Search Marketing

Optimally. We improve brands visibility in search engines and ensure website visitors convert into customers. Search engine optimization is one of our core expertise, which we deliver through analytical insights, optimal keywords, site indexing, emotional connections among other things. Structuring sites to be found by your target users is a key aspect of our work.
Our search and social expertise includes Social Copy-writing, Paid Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research and Analysis, Link Building, Social Media Marketing and Engagements.
FMIS helps brands engage in social media by having meaningful conversations with people and igniting positive word of mouth. We do this through influencer’s campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programmes, community building and management, social applications, conversation response and reputation management.
In each of these areas, including Search Engine Optimization, we combine our deep understanding of brands and marketing communications with strategic, creative and technology skills, underpinned with an innate sensibility for social media. With a professional team and a network of partners, we work with clients on global, regional and local projects.

mobile32112Mobile Services

o Mobile Advertising
o Location-based marketing (LBM)
o Mobile Messaging (SMS & MMS)

Statistically. It has been predicted that growth in mobile subscriptions in Nigeria between year 2015 and 2020 to be over 20 to 60%. Also, over 10 to 15 million social media accounts are accessed through mobile phones. FMIS helps brands and products reach the growing mobile audience in creative and cost effective ways. This includes mobile advertising, location-based marketing (LBM), and mobile messaging (SMS & MMS).
Furthermore. There has been about 20 to 30 % increase on web pages viewed on tablets and 2 to 5% reduction on share of web page view on computers – 2015. How the Web is currently accessed in Nigeria is also an indicator of mobile growth; with about 70 to 80 % growth of web users accessing on Mobile Phones compared to 20 to 40% computers views –2015.

Digital Productions ServicesDigital Productions Services

o Broadcast graphics/animation
o Interactive videos
o Pre-roll Ads

Knowledgeably. From product (sales) videos, online commercials to corporate brand videos, FMIS can improve any digital campaign leveraging on a powerful video. We develop Broadcast graphics/animation, Interactive videos and Pre-roll Ads. From messaging to execution, FMIS runs video campaigns that reach audiences with clear messages communicated through top video platforms.
Once the video strategy for an interactive video has been set and the assets are built, we turn our full attention to ensuring a smooth development and deployment. We also track, measure insight and engagements even as practices change and standards evolve.

o Blog development and management

o Campaign Microsites

o Content Management Systems

o Design and Development (mobile optimized)

o Web platforms and communities

o System & API Integration

Superiority. ALL our website design projects will be built from scratch. We design top-notch responsive websites with attention given to everything from information architecture to content, colour to layout. When it comes to technology, FMIS understands the appropriate use of the most current technologies. We try to engage in agile and lean development for iteration and rapid prototyping; all dependent on client or the project nature. FMIS has a strong reputation for meeting strict timelines through flexible development processes and thoughtful planning. In today’s digital domain, the only way to measure a site’s success is through measurable results. FMIS proven website design, analysis and strategy process for business and eCommerce sites drives more revenue for our clients because we begin with understanding your company, your customers and your competitors.